Monday Readings are a series of convivial situations to research our technological and infrastructural inter-dependencies. They bring our everyday technical encounters in conversation with theoretical and political thinking, by close-reading technologies as if they were texts, and viceversa.

This session will create a moment to unfold the different layers of the collective experience of a "Screen New Deal", a term proposed by Naomi Klein to describe the recent period in which videoconferencing and rectangularised communication became the new norm for all aspects of everyday life. In particular we will discuss what this meant and means for the realm of education, how certain software platforms silently creep in new forms of pedagogy, what critiques and potential alternatives were brought as forms of resistance to this new problematic default.

The session is subdivided in two parts: first a practical exercise that will take place in and on video-conferencing platforms, then a reading of short texts that explore the same techno-political densities that have been experienced hands-on in the first part of the day.

(With Martino Morandi & Jara Rocha)
Attention zone 1: Protocols
Attention zone 2: Interface
Attention zone 3: Assemblage
Attention zone 4: Organisation
Attention zone 5: Relationalitiy
Monday Readings at RDI:
Screen No Deal
[pad] Programme of the day & further reading
[text fragment] From de-schooling to re-instruction: a couple of scenes of technopolitical transformation in learning environments
[text fragment] Henry Giroux, Radical Pedagogy and the Discourse of Lived Cultures
(from Pedagogy and the Politics of Hope)
[text] Tom Melick, Zoom, a User’s Guide
BBB meetspace